Below is a list of Thundereggs Offered for sale by Hinkle's Rock Shop

Welcome to Hinkle's Rock Shop Thundereggs page. Here is a listing of several types of Oregon Thundereggs and Thundereggs from other localities in the world. Due to limited specimens on hand and the rarity of certain specimens not all Thundereggs listed will be in stock at the time of purchase. I update my website within hours of orders thus stating if specimens are sold. Usually the specimens listed with prices are still in stock are are offered for sale.
My Thunderegg stock is always rotating, However I try and maintain between 100-200 cut and polished specimens to choose from. So if you don't see a specimen that fits your special taste, please email me with what your looking for and I'll see if I can find something that may interest you.
Ordering, Payment & Shipping Information

P L E A S E       R E A D!

To place a order please send email with Item Number(s), Zip Code and Shipping Address to .

I created as a on-line business. With that said I knew I would have to ship packages to my customers, so I do not charge any handling charges for orders. Shipping charges are based on exact weight of the package sent to the zip code provided with the order. I will then get shipping quotes and return a email stating the shipping price so you don't over pay for shipping! Also I will take time and research which is the best and cheapest option for you.

 The Shipping companies I use are United States Postal Service. Most commonly I like to ship Priority mail which is the quickest and safest shipping method. From time to time I use UPS Services, or if you have a special request for a company you'd like to use I'd be more than happy to try to accommodate you.

Also if you have a special request such as

  • Ship items to a work address
  • Ship to another party as a gift
  • Hold package to ship at a later date if you plan on being gone
  • Ship to a Military Address
  • Ship Overseas


Payments can be made with Checks (held until clears bank) Money Orders, PayPal & Credit Cards through PayPal.

 I get many comments about the quality and effort of my packaging. I will make every effort possible to ensure a safe shipment to you. I use a combination of new and recycled packaging materials.

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