Dig your own Thundereggs!


Greetings, Have you always wanted to dig Thundereggs?
If so check below to check out my favorite spots to dig.


Lucky Strike Mine

Great people, Loads of Fun, and plenty of Thundereggs!
The Lucky Strike Mine is a Pay to Dig Mine located High in the Ochoco Mt's of Central Oregon.
If your not into digging, Then pick through the rough eggs usually piled by the cabin.

Click Here To Visit The Lucky Strike Mine

Richardson's Ranch
Jefferson County, Oregon


This is an excellent digging spot I visit several times a year.
Great people and many types of material were formed on the ranch.  
This includes several beds of Thundereggs as well as Agate & Jaspers of various types.
This is a Fee dig basis at the current price of $1.25 per pound with a $12.50 minimum fee, if you dig. 
You can also save your back and  purchase material direct from the shop for different prices (depending on variety of material).

Directions to the ranch ~ The ranch is located 11 miles North of Madras, Oregon on Hiway 97.
They have a large sign that is hard to miss. Turn and go another 3 miles to the ranch. The map shows the turn is at milepost 81 or very near by.

Click Here To Visit Richardsons Ranch

White Fir Springs


Map compliments of Elkins Gemstones 972 S. Main ~ Prineville, Oregon 97754

This is a great quiet dig located high in the Mountains of Central Oregon. This spot is called a "Geological Oddity" as one can collect Jasper filled Thundereggs. If your interested in Agate Filled Thundereggs don't be disappointed as in the same area you can find Agate Eggs, However please keep in mind there is *PRIVATE MINES* in the area. I have seen very large Eggs come from this area, When I say large I mean Eggs that are in the 100lb range, Both Agate & Jasper. This spot is a Public Claim owned by the Crook County Chamber of Commerce and is open to public.

To get here head East from Prineville on Hwy. 26 just past Milepost 41 and turn left on what they call WildCat Mountain. Proceed about 5.5 Miles on the main road and don't turn off on any spur roads. Once you get to the Jasper locality you'll see a large sign saying "Agate Beds" I just made a visit to White fir over the weekend of May 22nd and they have posted all new signs from Hiway 26 up the 3350 road to make finding the bed alot easier.

If you keep going past the Agate Beds another mile or two you'll come to a large turn around spot which the road either goes down hill through a gate, or Turns right. If you turn right this takes you into what they call White Rock Springs. Whatever you do, do not dig on the left hand side of the road over the fence as this is the Wilderness Area and if caught you face a large fine!

Also Be sure to watch the road cuts on your way up as I've found a light blue Agate that forms as seams or veins in the rock. Makes interesting cabs, or tumbling rough.

Whistler Springs

Map compliments of Elkins Gemstones 972 S. Main ~ Prineville, Oregon 97754

Whistler Springs. Another Claim held by the Crook County Chamber of Commerce. I have dug this spot many times in various areas and found small eggs usually as float material in the lower part of the claim. I have never spent hours at one time digging so I cannot honestly say what could be found. I have seen fantastic specimens come from this deposit. One thing I must say is DO NOT go past the fence! This is the line for the Wilderness Area. They offer picnic Tables and an outhouse at the spot for public use.

For Directions, I suggest following the same for the Lucky Strike. From Lucky Strike Mine head uphill towards the Valley View Mine and continue for another mile or so until you see the sign for Whistler Springs, which is at the Intersection of Forest Road 200 & 27.

I highly suggest digging only in public areas. There is many private mines within the general area and if you Trespass onto these mines you could face heavy fines and prison time for Mineral Trespass Law's.