You can now view Emory's work on Facebook. World class Oregon Magnetite Specimens.



Coons Lapidary is located in Burns, Oregon. This is a Father (Cecil) & Son (Emory) operation which specializes in Flintknapping. With many years experience this team can produce some amazing and breathtaking items made from many materials throughout the U.S. & World. However the main material used for many of their works of art is Oregons finest Obsidians.


If you'd like more information regarding Obsidians or if your interested in one of the creative works of art, Please contact the Coon's at
or email Emory direct at   if you plan on emailing Emory, he asked if you could make a note in the email subject stating it's rock related that way he doesn't delete it along with his Spam :-)

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Below is a small presentation of Flintknapped Items done by Emory Coons. Emory is an amazing artist! His variety of creations are simply jaw dropping and I'm always excited to see the next creation.



Oregon Fire Obsidian
No two stones alike!
I'd like to introduce a new variety of Obsidian the pair has discovered. It's a gem grade material called Fire Obsidian. This specific Fire Obsidian does not compare to anything else in the world. It's quality is much more than the finest of rainbow type obsidian from Oregon or Mexico. Below is a few freeform Cabachons recently made and displayed as examples of this superb material. Some samples I've seen would even compare to the finest Black Opals and the rarity of this material is beyond any opals!
The pictures below were taken under halogen lighting. These pictures are not altered in any way and the colors you see in the pictures are true for what the stone contains within.
"Pictures included in this page is property of Hinkle's Rock Shop & Coons Lapidary Please request permission before any use of the photography"

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