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Eastern Oregon

 We'll start this listing in the Norther part of Oregon, heading down South and then to the far eastern border of Oregon.



Opal Butte

Located South of Heppner, Oregon in Morrow County. Opal Butte has been a well known claim for many years. This claim producing very large Thundereggs with jelly opal centers. On rare occasions the Thundereggs contain Precious and Contra Luz Opal. 


Crowley Bed 

Crowley is a private owned mine out in the Middle of the South Eastern, Oregon Desert. When I made a visit to the area several years ago we faced many miles of gravel roads, and lots of rain, mud and broken trucks! The claim is owned by a fellow in Bend, Oregon. There are several types of Thundereggs found in the Crowley area, however the ones I'll be selling the most of come from the Star Mountain Opal Mine. This is part of the Desert Dog Mining Operations.

Size " x "
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Price $.00

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Secret Ridge

within the general area of Crowley, there comes another claim called Secret Ridge. These at one time were also part of the Desert Dog Mining Company.


Here's a nice Secret Ridge Egg. This has a agate core with banded, and fortification agate. Common Opal and Quartz. It's a very nice specimen!


 2-1/2" x 4-1/4"

Item #






Here's an awesome Secret Ridge Specimen. It's a larger egg which looks like a triple specimen, formed as one.
It has clear agate with a hint of white opal and a tad bit of quartz. Very nice specimen!.
Size 5" x 6"
Item # SRE-024
Price $SOLD

Skull Springs

A very interesting Thunderegg. These have various colored matrix and typically have a very brecciated core. This was once again another claim held by Desert Dog Mining.


Here's a nice looking Skull Springs Egg. Nice reddish matrix with hydrothermal agate. It appears this was a double egg, however the second specimen was imploded.


 3-1/2" x 4-3/4"

Item #




Here's a nice smaller Skull Springs egg. Nice red matrix with a white hydrothermal agate core. Great looking egg!
Size 3-1/4" x 4"
Item # SKL-018
Price $SOLD

Buchanan Ranch

A very well known bed that was once a pay to dig ranch. It is no longer open for collecting, but is one of the historic Thunderegg beds. The eggs range in size from a couple inches to a few hundred pounds. It is said they had 8 different "beds" on the ranch.


This is a really nice Buchanan.... This one for some reason catches my attention! Has a nice yellow tinted matrix with blue/gray colored agate with a hint of red. It also has a hollow pocket with a white calcium deposit within.


 2-5/8" x 3"

Item #






This is a small, yet very nice Buchanan Egg. These small eggs tend to be the best quality eggs I've cut. Solid, take a great polish and have wonderful cores!


 1-3/4" x 1-3/4"

Item #







Here's a great Buchanan Egg. This one has a red colored matrix with a fantastic agate core. Typical hydrothermal type agate with banded agate and quartz. Great looking egg!
Size 3-3/4" x 4"
Item # BUC-074
Price $13.00


Bully Creek
In the Vale, Oregon area comes a locality which is called Bully Creek Reservoir. I've never collected here "yet" and the locality is fairly new to me. All I can tell you is somewhere around the perimeter of the lake is a Thunderegg bed just waiting to be dug. Many of these Thundereggs contain a light green opalite material, however some have moss agate cores as well.


Here's the first Bully Creek Res. Egg. These are not a quality specimen, but more for "us"  the Locality Collector. The egg has a McDermitt look, however a much different agate center. It has a very thick rust colored moss which almost gives it a jasper like center.
Size 2-3/16" x 2-1/2"
Item # BLY-001
Price $SOLD



Located in the far souther part of Oregon State, this area is on the Oregon/Nevada Border. There are numerous beds in the area! Just to list a few there is:

  • Calico Bed
  • Quinn River Bed
  • Middle Bed
  • Box Car 1 & 2
  • Green Skinned
  • McDermitt Indian Reservation
  • Baby Doe
  • & More! 

Here's a cute specimen from the McDermitt "green skin" bed. This came from an old collection I purchased years ago. These eggs were collected in the 50's & 60's.  The egg has a thin agate core with agate, moss and some quartz.


 2" x 2"

Item #





This is a nice looking Calico Bed Egg. Small light blue/gray agate core with a hollow pocket. The agate core appears to have shrunk away from the matrix which is unusual. Overall it's a nice looking egg. 

Size 3" x  3"
Item # MCD-150
Price $8.00


Here's a large McDermitt Green Skinned Egg. Nice light blue agate core, with a large area of Calcite. Also can't forget the green moss. There is a few fractures and one chip in the matrix. 

Size 4.75" x 5.5"
Item # MCD-151
Price $16.00



Succor Creek

On the far Eastern Part of Oregon State on the Idaho border we have Succor Creek. This is a vast area for collecting and there are many deposits. This has been an area Rockhounds have collected at for years! 


Here's a classic looking "Succor Creek". What I mean by classic looking, it has the reddish brown matrix, with the clear/gray colored banded agate. The egg has a neat agate core design. It's a larger egg as well! 


 4-1/2" x 6"

Item #





A great specimen from Succor Creek. This has a nice gray/blue fortification and banded agate core. It's also been dressed up with some small dark dendrite speckles tossed about the agate. A great specimen!
Size 5" x 5-1/2"
Item # SUC-077
Price $15.00 ~ SALE PENDING

Mystery Eggs

This is a special listing for eggs I am unsure of their true location, or also it could contain one of a kind specimens I obtain from various places. 

Here's a fantastic specimen from a unknown bed. I've had a fair amount of these eggs over the years and I always call them Mystery Green Eggs. I have a feeling they came from the Ochoco Summit or even in the Desolation canyon? The eggs themselves are a brown colored matrix, however they have a secondary matrix (perlite) with a nice bright green coloring. This egg has nice agate and opal, and even a tiny spot of amethyst.
Size 4-1/2x 5"
Item # EGG-039
Price $15.00 ~ SALE PENDING 

Here's a great specimen from a unknown locality. It looks very much like a Richardson's, but yet different. The egg looks like it formed upside down. It's a oblong specimen with clear agate, with a hollow pocket and tubes. Very Interesting!
Size 3-1/4 x 5"
Item # EGG-040
Price $9.00 ~ SALE PENDING